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Do you want the mining servers to be hosted and managed by us? This can be very easy for you?

The advantages of management by us

  • Reduced power costs
  • Saves you space
  • Saves you time
  • Management by an expert
  • No noise pollution in your office or at home
  • can monitor and optimize your miner

Presentation of the Sesterce group

Briefly . When you buy a mining device from our store, you do not need to ship it to you. We host in our farms with a fixed-term contract. After the period you have the freedom to choose to ship the device to you with the cost of shipping on you or resell it to us and it is displayed in our store in the section of old devices
After the end of the contract with the customer. The customer has the freedom to choose between renewing the contract, shipping the device to the country of the customer, or reselling it in our store in the old devices section
You can request to ship your device with bearing the shipping costs or we can buy the device from you to resell it in our store in the old miner section
You can log in to your account from the hosting section and have full control to follow up the operation of the equipment and the mining power, withdraw profits, and request the device to be shipped or resold
No, you are not required to wait. We will determine the price of the device by technical support and it will be added to your account within 24 hours. Once we own the device, we will display it in our store in the old devices section.
Of course . From your account, choose the required device and add it to your account
Once the purchase is completed in 24 hours
We are considered the lowest hosting price in the market due to our own power supplies and therefore energy consumption and management are charged. You will find the cost of hosting each device in its own section
From your account, you can put in your portfolio address and profits will be transferred automatically at the end of the day, and these transactions will appear in your financial report in your account.
When you buy the device from our store and select the hosting service, your username and password will be sent that you can change later from your account

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